The Ultimate Bath Showroom in Lowell, Massachusetts Gets a Facelift

One of the elements that defines a strong company from a marginal company is that the strong company continues to seek market opportunity in their chosen market even as that market bumps along the bottom and shows little signs of life.  It is safe to say, that the home building market has been savaged over the last 4 years.  Housing starts are anemic and there is still a glut of inventory that will probably take another two years to play through, but all of this data is irrelevant to a strong company.   The strong company pins it’s ears back and doubles down and decides that this is a time for opportunity.  They retrench with their suppliers/manufacturers and commit to a strategy that challenges the current market environment.  An excellent example of this synergy between wholesaler and manufacturer is taking place in Lowell, Massachusetts at the Ultimate Bath Showroom on 1035 Westford Street.

The Ultimate Bath Showroom_Lowell_Massachusetts

The Kohler Company and The Ultimate Bath Showroom are combining the branding heft of “The Bold Look of Kohler” and local knowledge of TUBS.  This showroom is easily accessible off of Route 3 and will feature decorative bath & kitchen products. Both interior designers and homeowners, who are looking to create a high end look and feel to their homes will find the product selection will match their particular sensibilities.  So, take a few moments to get a sneak peak at some of the product settings that will be offered at this exquisite new location.  The renovation is almost complete and when it is, we’d like you to join us for an evening soiree.


one of the new displays


Good light will always provide an excellent look and feel


As more people decided to grow old in the current homes, the Kohler Elevance becomes an excellent choice for the bath upgrade.


Brown is out, you'll have to wait to see what their new color scheme will be.


The front entrance provides a bit a home design eye candy. Wait till you see what is behind the wall.

The strong company is willing to spend a few extra dollars to establish it’s place as a market leader.  It takes guts, passion and pure determination, but the market has an extraordinary way of separating the wheat from the chaff.  Stay tuned as we show you the final results of how a strong company views the home building market.

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