KOHLER Konnect Smart Bathroom Technology

Mar 04, 2020 by R Blair

Reimagine your personal space with the world's smartest bathroom by KOHLER Konnect

Wouldn’t you love to personalize your shower to feel like a spa and energize your mind?  The Ultimate Bath Store bathroom showroom can help you customize your bathroom experience with built-in voice control from KOHLER Konnect. You can transform your bathroom using light, sound, music and water to create a custom experience all connected on one app.  We can help you easily set preferences for all of your KOHLER Konnect products — all in one place.  From your ideal shower settings to perfect lighting levels for applying makeup, your family's personalized experiences are just a tap away. The Ultimate Bath Store showroom associates are looking forward to helping you elevate your bathroom experience with the following KOHLER Konnect smart home products:

MIRRORS and CABINETS: Verdera Voice lighted mirror with KOHLER Konnect lets you orchestrate your bathroom experience using only your voice. You can perfect your routine with hands-free lighting adjustment and built-in voice assistant, leaving you free to focus on your daily tasks. Works with Google Assistant and is Amazon Alexa enabled.

SHOWER: Create a showering oasis all your own and personalize your shower to feel like a spa, to energize your mind or to help you unwind. DTV+ digital showering experience with KOHLER Konnect responds to the sound of your voice for personalized steam, water, light and music settings. With DTV+ you can command every spray, speaker and light in your shower with a single touch. Learn more about KOHLER Smart Shower here: 


BATH: Sink in to a soothing bath prepared exactly how you like it, all without lifting a finger. PerfectFill technology’s built-in voice assistant allows you to control how your bathtub fills, heats and drains — leaving you in a state of ultimate relaxation.

TOILET: With features that include personal cleansing, individual temperature settings and soft nighttime lighting, a Kohler intelligent toilet offers customizable comfort unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Upon sitting down, a whisper-quiet fan pulls air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter to remove odors and help keep your bathroom fresh. The lid automatically raises when you approach the toilet, flushes when you’re done and closes when you walk away, creating a more hygienic and convenient experience. From personalized warm-water cleansing and a warm-air dryer, to the heated seat and self-sanitizing wand — every feature of the  Numi 2.0 model is designed to make you feel your cleanest and most comfortable. Learn more about KOHLER Smart Toilet styles here:   http://ultimatebathstore.com/blog/kohler/smarttoilet/styles/

TOILET SEAT: Elevate any bathroom experience with the PureWarmth® heated toilet seat. With the convenience of a mobile app, PureWarmth lets you customize temperature and ambiance, inviting you to put your comfort first.

The Ultimate Bath Store can help you elevate your bathroom to one that creates the pure connection of mind, body, spirit and environment all from one app with KOHLER Konnect. Check out our Special Offer through June 2020: http://ultimatebathstore.com/SpecialOffers

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