We Make “Custom” Easy with Products Made in the U.S.

Oct 12, 2022

In September, we announced our Bertch event, inviting homeowners to save an unprecedented 40% on all Bertch custom bathroom vanities and storage furniture, through November 19th. This offer includes tapping into The Ultimate Bath Store’s talented team to help create the look you imagine. As icing on the cake, we are pleased to announce delivery of your custom pieces just 5 weeks after placing an order.

“For Fall 2022, we wanted to create the ideal opportunity for homeowners looking for a tremendous value and great delivery timelines,” shared Rand Hinman, Director of The Ultimate Bath Stores, North. “We strive to make custom easy and affordable. And we love companies who manufacture in the United States, because we know our customers love to support American companies. Bertch is one of those companies.”

You’re Going to Love This Story! - Who doesn’t love a true American success story? The Bertch story begins in 1977 with a 4-person volleyball team, $800, a table saw and a dream…in a barn in the Midwest. Today, Bertch has an Iowa campus with 10 facilities covering more than 1 million square feet of space. Their mission statement has never changed: “Our future success will depend on an ever-increasing focus on quality, our customers and the environment.”

Environmental Stewards from the Beginning - Bertch is now a fully integrated manufacturer, meaning they produce all their own component parts. Bertch delivers on company trucks driven by company drivers. Limited outsourcing combined with backhauling their own materials greatly reduces sulfur oxide emissions, which contribute to greenhouse gasses. Cleaner diesel fuel and new engine technology also help them decrease carbon emissions. Since 1977, they have planted thousands of trees and for 30 years they have regenerated their sawdust to produce both heat and electricity. Innovation and ingenuity at its best.

Beautiful Products with Your Health in Mind - Bertch is also committed to the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP). Each year the company voluntarily exceeds the ESP requirements.  This means no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are released into your home from their products. In addition, they employ a solvent recycling program, which allows solvents to be used over and over again as a cleaner without having to dispose of the materials. Sometimes these kinds of lists can seem overwhelming, but these commitments and activities are the result of a dedicated, ethical and caring community of American workers making products for you and your family.

The Ultimate Bath Store Will Help You Design Your Custom Pieces - Every member of The Ultimate Bath Store team – in 15 locations across New England – is ready to help you create your custom vanity, from door styles and leg profiles to wood selection and finish choices. They’ll also help you consider other bathroom furniture pieces to ensure your bathroom storage is not only beautiful but also functional, providing ways for you to organize the many health and beauty items you use every day. Your bathroom is the first room you see in the morning and the last room you are in most nights before you go to sleep, so it should be a space you enjoy for its beauty and the feeling of wellness it creates in your life. With partners like Bertch, we are here to help you create that sense of calm and delight in so many ways. Visit us by Nov. 19th and enjoy your special 40% savings on custom Bertch vanities. Find The Ultimate Bath Store closest to you here.

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