Prioritizing Self-care in the New Year

Jan 01, 2021 by R Blair

While setting personal goals for the New Year we challenge you to include carving out "me time". You are the first one to benefit from this simple practice, but the effects are far reaching. Your immediate circle of friends and family will benefit from you taking moments of solitude to reflect, destress, unwind and relax. Once practiced consistently you will discover this brief respite will re-energize you to be able to handle whatever comes next. Taking care of yourself is essential and the ritual of bath time is the perfect space to recharge. When you prioritize your wellness you will soon discover that balance will embrace all aspects of your life.

When embarking on your journey of self-care, take into consideration Bain Ultra's steps to wellness:

A new way of life based on health and well-being...

In your new wellness lifestyle, you can create a wellness space like no other. The bathroom as a utilitarian space is no more; it is reborn as your personal space for wellness. By returning your home to its original essence as a cocoon, you are making your greatest and most precious personal resources, your health and your well-being, a priority.

Evolutionary concepts and therapies to discover your full wellness potential...

To live a deep body-mind connection and reach a life balance. An awakening of your senses and the satisfaction of essential needs. You are respecting your personal needs and are feeling rejuvenated and transformed, ready to live your full wellness potential.

To care for your body...

You take care of your body, you give it the attention and respect it deserves. Your senses are fully awakened in this space providing a true connection to your physical self. You feel the enveloping and comforting heat, music soothes you, you sense a pleasant aroma while the light and heat surround you. A privileged moment to care for your body, to reach a veritable state of wellness.

To live a deeply nourishing experience every day...

You feel calm and centered. You are in full bloom, awakened, free, replenished. Appeased and renewed, a feeling of serenity is within you to live each moment, to its fullest extent.

To live a life in complete harmony...

By caring for yourself, and allowing yourself some time to reconnect with your own essence, you choose to live in wellness. Your relationship to your loved ones is enriched. You live and breathe wellness and are happy and grateful for your life. 

The Ultimate Bath Store has everything you need to create a personal bath space for wellness. To learn more about BainUltra bath tubs and therapies, read our blog about creating an at home spa for self-care:

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