Kitchen Cabinets

Jun 01, 2019 by R Blair

Before you get to the fun stuff (like color and hardware), lifestyle and life stage are important factors to consider when selecting kitchen cabinets. So,be ready to answer some questions! Jeff Mittleman at The Ultimate Bath Store is a pro at getting the necessary lifestyle information out of you. Just show up to your first design appointment with a willingness to engage, your kitchen measurements (ideally taken from your cabinet installer), and pictures of kitchen cabinet styles that you are drawn to, and he will have you on your way to a newly designed kitchen. Jeff's background in residential architecture adds the necessary element needed to ensure your kitchen cabinet choice leads to a highly functional kitchen layout. His main goal is that when you are standing in your completed kitchen one day and wondering why you didn't put "this over there" and "that over here", you will have the answer. You will know the answer because you already talked through those ideas with him during the planning process. That is how thorough he is! 

Woodland Cabinetry is the main brand of kitchen cabinets carried at TUBS. You will be glad to learn that Woodland is family owned and American made. Woodland's goal is to "bring your vision to life with custom cabinetry that supplies the functionality you need and the aesthetics you’ve dreamed of". Woodland custom builds each cabinetry project upon order and all of their finishes are hand applied to achieve the finest handcrafted look. Additionally, Woodland has everything you need to say goodbye to kitchen clutter with their smart organization systems. Within Woodland is Artizen, a sleek and contemporary European style of cabinets with clean lines, and simple beauty. Whether your style is sleek and contemporary or rustic farmhouse, TUBS has you covered with Woodland! Give Jeff a call at The Ultimate Bath Store in Westborough, MA at 74 Otis Street to pick your new kitchen cabinets: (508)768-0370

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